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  • Herbal Medicine

    A synergistic approach to wellness

    TCM herbal medicine is comprised of natural products, mainly of plants and minerals but sometimes of animal origin.

    The most frequently used remedies are plant based. Chinese herbal medicine are formula based rather than solely symptom based. Formulas based can be adapted to the patient's body type and treat symdromes or patterns of symptoms.

    Chinese herbs are prescribed to address a specific diagnosis. Each herbal formula created is tailored according to specific needs. And because they can be tailored specifically to your symptoms and constitution, formulas allow for various symptoms to be treated at once. Chinese herbs are often used in conjunction with acupuncture to more efficaciously treat a problem or an illness.

    One of the reasons Chinese Medicine practitioners in the U.S. prescribe herbs, is to supplement acupuncture treatments between visits since patients can rarely come daily for Acupuncture. Also because certain conditions cannot be treated with Acupuncture alone. Chinese Herbal Formulas, represent the Internal part of Chinese medicine, along with Nutrition which is often used as part of the healing process.

    The other advantage of herbs is that they can help re-balance a patient whose physical condition is considered "weak", which is not always possible with Acupuncture alone.


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    Chinese herbs can be prescribed in raw form, powder/granules, or in the form of pills.

    The herbs we prescribe are prepared with the highest ethical standards. Products are tested to confirm Accuracy, Purity and Potency, and  are in full compliance with all FDA, and National Security Agency regulations.


    Raw Herbs

    Are usually given to the patient in wrapped paper with instructions on how to cook them at home. This is the strongest form of herbs available. However, it tends to be laborious and has the risk of being prepared incorrectly. Most practitioners in the U.S. do not prescribe this form, or when they do, they will have the herbal pharmacy prepare the raw herbs and deliver them to the patient in sealed vacuum packages to ensure they've been prepared correctly.


    Granules / Powders

    Are herbs that have been processed and dried, and then which can be added to water to be taken either as a decoction, or encapsulated and taken as capsules. This gives the practitioner the ability to modify or create individual formulas, making the treatment easier on the patient, while remaining quite effective.


    Patents / Pills

    Are ready-made pills that have been created by a company holding the patent in which the ingredients, and expected outcome are known.

    Many practitioners choose this form of herbal prescription as it is the one most patients feel comfortable with.



    Traditional Chinese Medicine has observed, and analyzed the healing properties of food for millennia. In Chinese medicine, food is the root of the Qi, and therefore works at the energy level. It believes that every food has a special healing power, with its relation to organs, seasons, taste, color, and temperature. Chinese Medicine practitioners prescribe foods which restore the inner body’s balance through its harmony with nature.

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