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  • Insurance

    A synergistic approach to wellness

    The office is in Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and accepts any Insurance that covers Out-of-Network Acupuncture services.

    Because coverage varies from policy to policy, after we confirm your appointment, we’ ll invite you to complete a form so that we may contact your insurance provider in order to obtain the details of your coverage. It is important to find out:

    • If you are covered for Acupuncture
    • If your policy limits the number of treatments per year
    • If your policy limits the type of treatment it covers
    • If you have a deductible, and if it has been met
    • The portion of the treatment your policy will cover

    To Schedule

    Please email: | Call: 646 706 7308

    Payment is due at time of visit until your insurance coverage has been verified, and your annual deductible has been met.

    Any information you may submit through this Site is confidential.

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