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    Boost and Strengthen your Immune System to fight the Coronavirus, the Cold, and the Flu!

    This year, in addition to the Coronavirus, it is expected that there will be 1 billion colds and 95 million cases of influenza in the United States alone. While the Coronavirus has quickly become a global problem, one that is not yet fully understood and the development of a vaccine is not an option in…

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    Thank You to All who Attended our Spring Seminars!

    We hope that you found our different seminars interesting, and informative. Some of you had a chance to try Acupuncture for the first time; we hope that you enjoyed your introductory treatment, and that you will share your experience with others. Many Thanks to MIT Acupuncture and Maria Trivino, Dipl. AC, L.Ac for hosting the…

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    Acupuncture Outperforms Drug For Insomnia Relief

      Acupuncture is effective for insomnia relief. Research published by Zhejiang Chinese Medical University finds acupuncture more effective than a powerful sleep drug for improving sleep duration, quality, latency, efficiency, and daytime functioning. Acupuncture achieved a 92.9% total effective rate and the drug zopiclone achieved a 67.9% total effective rate. [1] Zopiclone is a central…

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    Acupuncture Beats Or Complements Drugs For Fibromyalgia Relief

      Acupuncture alleviates fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). Researchers from multiple independent investigations conclude that acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for fibromyalgia patients. One study finds acupuncture effective for enhancing the therapeutic benefits of medications and other studies find acupuncture, as a standalone therapy, more effective than medications for the treatment of fibromyalgia. Let’s take a look…

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    Acupuncture Headache Relief Discovered

    Acupuncture enhances positive patient outcome rates for patients suffering from headaches. In separate and independent investigations, researchers have determined that acupuncture significantly boosts the effectiveness of occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) and levo-tetrahydropalmatine (l-THP) drug therapy. Since the late 1970s, neurosurgeons have implanted ONS devices at the base of the skull for the treatment of headaches. An…

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    Acupuncture And Herbs Regulate Cardiac Arrhythmias

      Hunan Hengyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital researchers find acupuncture combined with herbal medicine more effective than calcium channel blockers and beta-blockers for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Results were confirmed by ECG (electrocardiogram). Patients receiving only pharmaceutical medications in one group and acupuncture plus herbs in another group were compared in a four week…

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    Acupuncture Rivals Drug Therapy For Aphasia Recovery After Stroke

    Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of aphasia after a stroke. Acupuncture patients regained the ability to communicate through speech and written language at a similar rate as drug therapy patients. More importantly, a combination of acupuncture with drug therapy produced optimal positive patient outcomes…    Read More   →    ♦   

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    Acupuncture, Tuina, & Moxa Osteoporosis Pain Relief Found

    Researchers find Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities including acupuncture, tuina, and moxibustion effective for the treatment of pain associated with osteoporosis. Conclusions reached across several studies delineate specific benefits resulting from the application of acupuncture. Acupuncture outperformed estrogen replacement therapy for bone pain reduction in women with osteoporosis. Related studies confirm the benefits of TCM…

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    Acupuncture Beats Drugs For Diarrhea Relief In IBS

    Acupuncture outperforms medications for the treatment of diarrhea due to irritable bowel syndrome. Termed IBS-D, this type of irritable bowel syndrome presents with chronic diarrhea as one of the primary symptoms. In a protocolized study conducted at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Pei et al.), researchers determined that acupuncture has a higher treatment effective…

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    Acupuncture Aids Stroke Patient Recovery

    Acupuncture benefits stroke patients. Pei et al. conducted a randomized controlled clinical trial and concluded that electroacupuncture reduces both impairment and disability, according to the Chinese Stroke Scale. A total of 86 patients participated in the trial. The Brunnstrom-Fugl-Meyer and Barthel Index scores demarcate significant improvements, measured at the three month data point after completion…

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